Because creativity also has faces, meet our team.

Paulo Gomes

responsible for the management, planning and creative development of the projects.
Loves sushi, gadgets and never says no to a good concert.

Helena Tomás

the person dedicated to the whole photography area. With an easy smile, she’s fun and spontaneous. Taking photos is the way she expresses herself best, but she also loves music and words.

Ingrid Nogueira

responsible for writing and reviewing content. For many the most “boring” part. For her,  an area that combined with her creativity can do miracles. Communicating has always been a part of her  life but it ‘s in writing about her travels that she feels “right at home” She also enjoys cooking, foodphotography,  yoga and the simplicity of life.

Dinis Carrilho

creative, quiet and dedicated. Leisure times help feed his  imagination, mostly with with books, series and movies.

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